Your Memories of The Windamere!

This is what some of our guests have to say about The Windamere...

Excellent team, Extra ordinary hotel

Mr. Bourdain , 21-10-2012 Switzerland

Delightful 4 days of molly coddling & luxury - thanks.

A.Sen Gupta , 29-09-12 Switzerland

Incredible personal service

VIVI + TP , 16-10-2012 Bhutan

Out of all your treasures…the people were the best, You are all very kind.

B.A. Keith , 06-11-2012 USA

Old world charm. Very peaceful, perfect setting and excellent service - likeliving on Cloud 9

Linda & Mike , 12-10-2012 England

Returned to Darjeeling after an absence of 60 years. Very little has changed in the buildings but there are far more people and cars. Thank you to the staff for their excellent service

Ann Blunn , 08-10-2012 England

Wonderful service.

Jim Yardley , 16-11-2012 New Delhi, India

Dinners were like stepping into a time capsule, but with better food - such a wonderful experience.

Alex Leman , 16-10-2012 USA

We enjoyed our stay very much, lovely place.

Christeller , 12-11-2012 Switzerland

Never hungry, never cold and never uncomfortable.

J. Walker , 14-09-2012 UK

Age-old colonial style Guestroom & Suites with spectacular view

Fine dining with authentic cuisines that derives from the Raj

World-class luxurious transport & sightseeing facility

Z'ri boutique with a selection of interesting gifts to take home

In house restaurant with 24*7 in-room service available

DHR Club for railway enthusiasts, explorers, mountaineers

Nature inspired wellness programs for Mind & Body

Revisit the 19th century in a Jewels of the Raj