Your Memories of The Windamere!

This is what some of our guests have to say about The Windamere...

Wonderful place & perfect service. Will recommend this hotel.

Ms. Julian , 02-09-2012 Germany

Excellent team, Extra ordinary hotel

Mr. Bourdain , 21-10-2012 Switzerland

Wonderful stay, lovely food.

Alistair Downs , 27-10-2012 Thailand

Simply fabulous - don’t change it!

Richard Bowser , 31-10-2012 England

A beautiful serene oasis. We had a wonderful time.

Ms. Driscoll , 04-11-2012 PA, USA

Very good and wonderful service. Thank you

Mr. Akinori , 15-11-2012 Gurgaon, India

Dinners were like stepping into a time capsule, but with better food - such a wonderful experience.

Alex Leman , 16-10-2012 USA

A delightful stay - could have stayed longer.

Mr. & Ms. Stefani , 28-09-12 South Africa

Amazing hotel, loved everything about it.

E. Courlon , 02-11-2012 France

We have had an amazing time here in this hotel, thank you.

Ms. Rosa , 30-09-12 Mexico

Age-old colonial style Guestroom & Suites with spectacular view

Fine dining with authentic cuisines that derives from the Raj

World-class luxurious transport & sightseeing facility

Z'ri boutique with a selection of interesting gifts to take home

In house restaurant with 24*7 in-room service available

DHR Club for railway enthusiasts, explorers, mountaineers

Nature inspired wellness programs for Mind & Body

Revisit the 19th century in a Jewels of the Raj