Darjeeling Trekking Routes

One of the famous trekking routes comprise of the Darjeeling - Sandakphu/Phalut trek. This trekking route is best during the months of April-May and October-November. During these months the visibility is clear and the weather is also hospitable. For trekking on this route, one does not have to carry much luggage as the Gorkha Hill Council provides trekkers hut and other facilities all along the route. But it is advisable to carry your own sleeping bags and water bottles as some areas experience acute water scarcity. On this route the trekker must be prepared for all kinds of weather and high altitude mountain sickness.

Kanchenjunga: view from Sandakphu

Kanchenjunga: view from Sandakphu

The trek passes through low areas and very high ridges so temperature varies a lot. The surroundings are mostly very attractive. Regular meals are available. Guides and porters can also be arranged.

Phalut, also called the view point of the Himalayas, is one of the most important and famous treks in the region. The trek starts with a small bus trip to Manebhanjang and passes through the mountains to Sandakphu. From here you can proceed further up or you can return via Rimbik then to Darjeeling by bus. One can also take a short cut and not go to Ohalut. From Sandakphu back trek to Bikhaybhanjang and cut across to Rimbik. But keep in mind that this trek is a difficult one and no water or food is available en route.

Phalut Trek in Darjeeling