Authentic Dining in Windamere

(Since 1939)

Enjoy extraordinary food at the Oldest Colonial Hotel in the Himalayas, India with both Continental and Indian cuisine. The Continental cuisine still has remnants of the old Raj with such dishes as "Roly Poly Pudding", "authentically prepared porridge for breakfast" and "cheese & onion pie". You can wash this down with our lovely wines and finish up with a cup of steaming Darjeeling Tea or freshly ground coffee. During dinner, the dining room is transformed into a candlelit affair, with soft music from the 1930's through 1950's floating around in the ether. White-gloved waiters seem to glide in and around the tables and soft conversations are flowing.

Dining at Windamere

"I've never eaten so much and felt so contented. Great views and staff" - QAL

Dining at Windamere

"Some of the hotels are deliciously Victorian. The porridge at 'The Windamere' hotel is, I am told by unimpeachable authorities, unsurpassed in Scotland..." - Jan Morris

Windamere's Darjeeling Tea

For a perfect of tea, allow the tea leaves to brew for three to five minutes. Take out the tea strainer and set it aside.

We recommend that you do not dilute this tea with milk. You may sweeten it, although many connoisseurs of tea would prefer that you drink it “straight”. Typically, a high quality Darjeeling tea is a pale gold in colour – like the Himalayan sunlight at dawn – and has a pleasant bouquet. Before sipping, inhale the distinctive perfume of your tea to heighten your enjoyment of one of the world’s great beverages at Colonial Hotel in the Himalayas, India.

Darjeeling Tea

Coffee by Windamere

From the Baba Budan Hills of Mysore in Southern India comes some of the finest coffee in the world. The Windamere adds a northern character to the distinctive flavour of this southern coffee by hand-roasting the beans in a rotating drum over a very slow charcoal fire. The beans are then ground to perfection in an old fashioned coffee-mill just prior to brewing. There may be occasional small variations in the coffee brewed for you at meals. Coffee making, even now, remains more of an Art than a Science at the Windamere. - 1945

Darjeeling Coffee
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