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Well-being at the Windamere

The itati Institutes

Centre's for well-being of Mind & Body at one of the best colonial hotel in India

The name 'itati' was inspired by that incomparable chanteuse Ms. Peggy Lee, who croons 'Is That All There IS?' in a song of ineffable loss and loneliness that rends our hearts. The goal of itati is to mend the wounded human spirit by creating psychic healing space for fragmented minds and emotions. In touch again with core human values, people see life in true perspective, and discover their own personal path to inner harmony & joy.

'itati' is an explanation of what gives meaning to life; about how human life can be enhanced and enriched. It is a path to well being, inner contentment, wisdom and personal fulfillment.

We take our first steps on the itati path to a better Mind and Body through treatments for inner and outer well-being. Fundamental to itati healing is the concept that matter transforms into energy, and that energy influences and transforms matter.

By regulating the flow of energy within the human body, by reconciling and harmonizing conflicting energy impulses, itati brings the inner being into equilibrium, and relieves physical and mental stress.

The itati Institutes

Itati Institute